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Cash For Diamonds Delhi NCR

Diamonds are said to be woman’s best friend. Either its girl or a woman, their love for diamonds is something like you will never find for any other person. At Sona, we respect your emotions and understand that no one would like to exchange his or her hard-earned ornaments except it is an emergency. We value your thoughts and this is why when you get in touch with us, we offer you a separate cabin for your and your ornament’s security.
Getting cash for diamond is an easy task because it is something acceptable by all stores. But when it is about getting the genuine price for your diamonds, Sona Cash for Gold is at your service.

Why Cash For Gold?

Apart from gold, we accept diamond and silver jewellery too. We are a trusted and reliable brand in Delhi. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we maintain transparency in our work. If you are having some old diamond ornaments that has lost its charm and want to sell it but not finding an appropriate place to precede the exchange, then Sona Cash for Gold is here to help you.
Our workers have attained expertise in testing the quality of gold, silver and diamond jewellery. Though machines are also there, we do testing on machines only after consulting with our experts for quality check. For precise results, we do quality check twice or more than that so that you can get the best value for your earned diamond.

What We Buy?

1) Diamond Rings
2) Diamond Bracelets
3) Diamond Earrings
4) Diamond Pendants
5) Diamond Jewellery and other related items.


1) Bring your unwanted and unused ornaments to us; we will do the evaluation as per expert’s knowledge and with the use of machines. 2) After checking the quality of the ornament, we provide you quotation chart as per the weight and market price. 3) Even if you are not satisfied with our pricing schemes after the evaluation process is done, you can compare our price with any other seller. 4) Get cash for diamond at an instant through cheque or any other mode as per your comfort. --

Please Note:

that exchanging stolen jewellery items is an offense. Whenever you decide to make a visit to our site, please make sure to carry an original photo id and an address proof.

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